Modern software development is a mess.

Over-specialization. Obstructive processes. Needless complexity. Overhead.

Here’s a secret: some of us building products don’t like it either.

Like you, we shun sidetracking, endless rituals, and sluggish progress.

Build with us.

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Straight to business with working code.

Technologies with a record of success.

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I build software products. I ship code, do product development, and make sense of data, along with other things I learned over 15 years in the industry, mostly from working at startups.

Since 2007 I have been pivotal in building apps and services that manage multi-petabyte photo and geodata collections, ingest and process gigabytes of event data daily for dozens of newspapers, enable NFC payments in busy cafés, distribute firmware to thousands of devices, support online ordering and payments for hundreds of restaurants, among other things.

Having co-founded a startup myself and been part of scaling R&D from zero to 50+ employees over multi-year tenures at different companies, I can help you stay clear of common pitfalls that startups face.

I take the time to understand your business and users, applying extensive experience in developing and scaling products across various industries with a startup mindset. My approach ensures that your product can be updated swiftly and effortlessly while also enabling you to gain valuable insights into how users interact with your product. These capabilities allow us to iterate quickly and improve your product to meet your business goals.

As a hands-on engineer comfortable with all aspects of the software development process and every part of the stack, there are no middlemen or layers of bureaucracy to slow you down. As a former startup co-founder, I understand the challenges of building a business from the ground up.

I get straight to the core: to ship a product that achieves your objectives. I am directly involved in understanding how your business works and in all stages of the product development process.

The most effective software is created by people that acquire first-hand experience with the business and its users. Magic happens when engineers experience the pain points of users and have the means to solve them directly, which is why I also like to focus on continuous delivery and experimentation capabilities.

Yes, we'll tap into a network of talented engineers and designers that have worked together for many years.

I prefer these technologies because they can solve a wide range of problems, are proven, stable, and have large communities: Python and Django for application code with sprinkles of Javascript; PostgreSQL or SQLite for the database; S3 for storage; and AWS, Fly, Cloudflare, or Hetzner for hosting.

As far as developer productivity and quick iteration and feedback loops go, I haven't found anything that beats Python and Django.

Learn from what worked before to avoid risking your business on uncertain trends. However, if new tech gives you an edge and your business can handle its potential demise, consider using it.

Instagram serves millions of active users every day with Python and Django. People built hugely successful businesses like Youtube, Dropbox, and Reddit with Python. Ourselves, we have built Python and Django apps that serve tens of thousands of daily users, manage multi-petabyte datasets, and ingest and process gigabytes of user event data daily.

Python is fast enough for state-of-the-art AI. Python can process vast amounts of data efficiently. The key is to use bindings to lower-level libraries for the few parts of your application that need to be fast, and Python excels in serving as the "glue" to these libraries.

If you reach a point where it's needed, I can help you migrate hotspots to faster languages like Java or Go or to offload workloads to specialized databases.

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